Newsletters For Email or Print

Your personal sales machine, sitting on your reception desk doing what you hate the most – marketing and selling.

This sales machine doesn’t need coffee, wages or time off work. Once your beautiful newsletter has been created, all you need to do is sit back and do what you do best – your dentistry.

Newsletters allow dental practices to communicate with patients in a cost effective and timely manner. Whether you are contacting your patients via email, by post or leaving a print newsletter for pick up in the reception, you can create a marketing message wrapped up within an ambiance of practice news.

Newsletters work so well because it’s permission based marketing with people who are happy to hear from you. Patients have time to kill whilst sitting in the waiting room and are more than happy to read. Keeping in constant contact with your patients builds brand loyalty and can increase your marketing distribution to their greater circle of friends.

Rather than have to ask for referrals or tell each and every patient about an offer you are currently running, the newsletter or email blast can do it for you. Leverage what is already RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU – PATIENTS!

Email has it’s own advantages too as you can direct patients to your website or Facebook page and of course, it’s easy to share.

Is your Newsletter for email or print?

If your patient base is slightly older then mailing your newsletters might be a better option. A combination of both tends to work best as you cover all areas..

As Christmas approaches, take the time this year to wish all of your patients a very Merry Christmas via a newsletter or Christmas card. It’s a great excuse to start marketing to your existing assets for repeat custom and additional referrals from family and friends.

You Get a print ready 300 DPI professional dental newsletter designed to attract new patients and over a wider range of services to existing patients.

2 pages for maximum print cost efficiency and added content.

Massive ROI potential from just £350 expenditure

1 off payment

A highly effective selling machine that doesn’t require a salary and works whilst you’re with patients in the dental chair!

Patient emailing and reporting available – pricing per 100 on request

Don’t find a customer to make a sale, make a sale to find a customer.