It’s shocking how close to 75 per cent of small businesses in Britain don’t have a website. They don’t know that they need a website and a basic understanding of the Internet to compete in the modern world.

The Internet made it necessary for businesses to establish an online presence through a website. Provided it’s built by a professional web design agency, it can help you reach millions of prospects online. Your company website is also the face of the business on the world wide web.

Finding a web design company that fits your business needs can be quite overwhelming. You have to scan through different options to find the right fit. In this guide, we’ll take you through 11 factors to consider when hiring a web design company:

1. Your Project Requirements

Review your project requirements in your search for a web design company that can meet them. With this information, you’ll determine the scale of the web design service needed. You’ll also understand the kind of experts needed for your project.

Always communicate these project requirements with every web designer you encounter. You should also understand that your business needs may change as your company reaches a new milestone. It’s thus important to be flexible when setting requirements to cope with uncertainties.

A mobile-friendly design, fast site performance, and intuitive navigation are the most basic features a website should have. The site should also have an appealing look and feel and great content to match your business needs.

2. References and Previous Work Samples

References and work samples can help you gauge the firm’s reputation. They’ll help you choose the right company for the job for great value on money.

Personal and professional recommendations can inform your decision in the hiring process. The more references and reviews a web designer has, the more credible they appear. Most consumers trust recommendations and word of mouth over advertising when looking for a service.

Take time to go through several reviews to get a picture of the agency’s service delivery. Look at the negative reviews and the ratings too. Be sure to note down any negative and positive service aspects that seem appropriate for your project.

Don’t hire a company with negative reviews even when their price tags are lower. You should only trust reviews from credible platforms like Yelp and Google My Business.

3. The Agency’s Web Design Process

Get a glimpse of the company’s thought process for designing websites. You can reach out to one of the agency’s representatives or spokesperson for the information. Only consider a firm that uses an agile process, which involves collaboration and flexibility.

Look into their SEO and digital marketing strategies to gauge their knowledge of SEO and SEM. A company that cares about SEO will have a brand website optimized for search engines. They can help your company amplify its marketing efforts online.

Find out whether the agency incorporates their knowledge on conversion in their work. Look for CTAs and keyword use in their content for the same effect. If they do, they can design a website for people to learn more and transact with your company.

4. Project Budget

Collect quotes from different web design agencies and compare them to your budget. Narrow down to quotes that cover the total upfront costs of your project. Use them to plan better on the service and avoid overspending.

You can determine whether the agency bills hourly or a flat fee from the price quote. Find out if the contract covers unsatisfactory work, hitches, and delays in the service. You should also think about the tools you’ll use to gauge the value of sales or leads brought by the site.

Avoid settling for cheap web design solutions even when you’re on a small budget. These solutions may make your site look less professional and less appealing to clients.

Check the type of services included in the quote and their scope. Compare the rates with your budget to determine if you can afford them.

5. Website Accessibility

The web design company should assure you that your site’s content will readily be accessible to you. If they use content management systems (CMS), they should tweak it to your needs. The CMS should feature a simple, intuitive dashboard you can use to update new content.

You’ll need full admin access to your site’s back-end once it is live. The back-end panel should help you customize the site to your needs.

The web designer should take you through the steps of logging into your site’s back-end. They should also teach you how to use the basic back-end controls to post new content.

6. User Experience

Your company needs a compelling, aesthetically pleasing, and functional website for online visibility. User experience should thus be a crucial part of the web design process. A site optimized for user experience can have lasting effects on your company.

Work with an agency that values usability in their web creations. They should give you thoughtful responses on any feature added to the site to improve user experience. These features cut across the site’s font, image collection, colour scheme, and navigation.

Mobile-friendliness is the most crucial aspect of a site’s usability. Since most website visits come from mobile devices, your website should be mobile-friendly. The web designer should optimize the site for visitors using mobile devices and desktops.

7. Location and Personnel

Only consider local web design agencies since it’s easier to reach them and discuss the details of your project. There won’t be any cultural/language barriers between you and the company. Furthermore, local designers clearly understand the local standards or laws regarding websites.

Ask to meet the experts who will be working on your site to determine if they’re a great fit or not. It’ll be inconvenient to work with a team that doesn’t share your vision for the site. If meeting and working in person matters to you, consider choosing an agency within your place of business.

8. Expected Completion Time

Depending on the size and details of the site, the web design agency may take over two weeks to build your site. The process can take less than a week if you’re looking for a smaller size. Your site will need continued management and improvement if you choose a growth-driven design.

Find out how long the company will take to create your site. They should inform you about any hitches that make it difficult to complete the project in time. Delays in the service may make it difficult to establish a solid online presence if your company is new.

9. Customer Service

The web design company should have a people-first attitude when working on your project. Their customer support staff should also observe high standards of professionalism every time you reach out to them.

Hire an agency that offers remarkable customer service in every stage of their work. The company should use different means to communicate important aspects of the project. Their customer support service must be on call on a 24/7 basis.

The web designer should meet and surpass your expectations for the project. They should also have self-help systems to give you quick solutions to any small concerns you may have.

10. Ability to Keep up with Trends

Web design trends keep evolving and changing to reflect the market demands. A good web design company understands these trends and adapts to them. Check out the agency’s site to see if it reflects modern web design standards.

You wouldn’t want a web designer that still uses traditional methods and templates. The designer should present you with stylish design options for your site. They should also be familiar with styles like flat design and parallax scrolling.

Your website needs to look fresh and up-to-date to appeal to your target audience. That’s because consumers are always on the hunt for new information online.

11. Longevity

Choose a web design firm with an extensive track record for continued success. The company should also prove that they plan to stick around and maintain their track record.

The agency should easily adapt to modern trends and stay relevant. They will also be around to support and maintain your site in the coming years. Their web design services will help you maintain a continued online presence and improve conversion rates.

An experienced agency can understand your business needs and goals and suggest ideal workflows for your site. They’ll also use their prior experience to find a digital marketing model that suits your business.

Hire a Web Design Agency Today

Designing a website requires a lot of work and time, thus the need for a web design agency. With expert help, you can make a better first impression, keep up with competitors and improve search rankings. The website will also build a solid online brand identity for your company.

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