The biggest asset to every dentist is their list. Whenever you come to sell your practice that’s what someone will be buying, that is where the true value is. Yet most dental professionals I speak to do not leverage their lists as effectively as they could. Mostly because they’re dentists… they also tell me that they hate having to do marketing and “sell” to people. The vocation of dentistry is closely coupled with care and integrity so the idea of selling seems a bit of a grey area. But, what if some of that burden was removed? If you think about it, you have customers walking through their door every day. They just happen to be called patients. Have you ever used a beautiful A4 300dpi printed newsletter to “inform and educate” your patients in your “waiting area” who are bored and looking for something to read? That’s right, they want to read what you are selling. Why have them read just magazines when you could be asking them to refer their friends to you and “inform” them of some of the treatments you offer. Increase brand loyalty by telling them about staff, any news that has happened recently. Newsletters act as selling machines without you even being there. They take no salary, never complain and are consistantly effective at returning a massive ROI. Isn’t it time to use a professional dental newsletter in your waiting area? I’m sure your patients would be all too happy to read them and take them home for others to see. I have a special offer running right now where you can save a Massive 50% off the normal price.